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Earthquake Forecast Problem Being Solved In North Caucasus

An international agreement on scientific cooperation has been signed 04 august 2011 between the Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes and the Dagestan Branch of the Geophysical Survey of the Russian Academy of Sciences according to which the Dagestan Republic is included in the international earthquake forecast organization GNFE as a full member.

The Contract provides for setting up of an ATROPATENA  earthquake forecast station in the Dagestan Republic.
While discussing the joint cooperation program, GNFE President E.Khalilov and Director of the Dagestan Branch M.Daniyalov identified priority tasks and directions of research as well as concrete steps to effectively integrate the Dagestan Branch of the RAS Geophysical Survey into GNFE.

As communicated to the WOSCO International Information Agency reporter by GNFE President Prof. Elchin Khalilov, the ATROPATENA station to be installed in Dagestan is going to be the sixth GNFE station. He reminded that the five previous stations have been established in Istanbul (Turkey), Islamabad (Pakistan), Yokyakarta (Indonesia), Baku (Azerbaijan) and Kiev (Ukraine). The GNFE Head stated that the ATRO

PATENA stations are planned to be deployed in North and South Americas, Africa and Asia. It was also pointed out that GNFE plans to present the new technology during the World Forum – International Congress and Exhibition “Natural Cataclysms and Global Problems of the Modern Civilizations” to be held 19-21 September, 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey. The station’s latest ATROPATENA  CRYSTAL  Kh-2011 model will be presented at the Exhibition.

WOSCO International Information Agency