International Committee on issues of Global Changes of the Geological Environment, “GEOCHANGE”

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Intense solar flares expected (Information by the International Committee GEOCHANGE)

According to the International Committee GEOCHANGE, powerful solar flares are expected between late July and late August. Increased solar activity can cause abnormal heat in many parts of the world. Powerful solar flares may lead to malfunction of satellite and terrestrial communication systems, overload power substations, affect the operational stability of electronic control systems at industrial facilities over large areas across the planet.



Forecast graph for 24th cycle of solar activity (IC GEOCHANGE, 01.06.2011)

Intense solar flares are expected to be accompanied by an increase in the number and energy of strong earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well as extreme weather events: hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, etc.

The abnormal temperature rise will also be accompanied by extreme heat wave in some regions and a sharp temperature drop in the others due to the redistribution of cyclones and anticyclones. A surge in the number of wildfires and ignitions of peat deposits is expected as well.

Solar flares can adversely affect the health of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and essential hypertension. Therefore, elderly and sick persons are not recommended to stay long under direct sunlight.

The next increase in solar activity within the 24th 11-year solar activity cycle is expected for late December 2011 – early January 2012.

The development dynamics of the 24th cycle of solar activity and its possible consequences for the modern civilization will be discussed in detail at the World Forum – International Congress “Natural Cataclysms and Global Problems of the Modern Civilization GEOCATACLYSM-2011” to be held 19-21 September, 2011 at the Congress Center in Istanbul, Turkey (

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