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Forecast provided by GNFE for strong Japan Earthquake M8.9 of 11.03.2011 has been confirmed

Statement of GNFE: Forecasting of Japanese Earthquake was given on 9 March.

Statement of GNFE: Forecasting of Japanese Earthquake was given on 9 March Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes placed the forecast of strong earthquake in the territory of Japan on 9 March.

The forecast was placed in forecast map of the internet-site of the network and all countries which are included into GNFE as full members received it. The forecast was given accurate within 90% with central point of the region of the expected earthquake on Honshu island.

The forecasts of strong earthquakes in the territory of Japan have been repeatedly given since August 2009, and all of them were confirmed.

Beginning from 7 March the strongest gravitational anomaly was successively registered by all stations of earthquake forecast ATROPATENA in Indonesia (Yogyakarta); in Pakistan (Islamabad); in Azerbaijan (Baku); in Turkey (Istanbul). The successive registration of three-dimensional anomalies of gravitational field by all stations of Global Network GNFE allowed to calculate with big accuracy the location of the epicenter of the forecasted strong earthquake in the region of Honshu island.

On 11 March 2011 in the region of Honshu island occurred one of the strongest earthquakes in the history of humanity with magnitude 8,9. The earthquake caused 10-meters wave of tsunami.

The earthquake has been accompanied by many strong enough aftershocks and till now, after the main tremor, there have occurred more than 25 tremors with magnitude more than 6 and thousands of weaker aftershocks.

The number of victims of these earthquake and tsunami can be estimated at tens of thousands, and the damage can be estimated at billions of dollars.

According to NASA data this earthquake has caused the deformation of the form of the Earth, the uneven changing of its radius, and as a consequence the changing of its angular velocity of rotation, the offsetting of the terrestrial axis and changing of duration of day. Earlier, the similar global changes of geophysical parameters of the Earth were fixed at catastrophic earthquake in Chile with magnitude 8,8 on 27 February 2010 the gravitational anomaly from which was registered by Indonesian station ATROPATENA on 18-22 February 2010, i.e. 5-9 days before the tremor.

Board of the Global Network GNFE, which has made the technological breakthrough in the sphere of short-term forecast of earthquakes, has made a decision to extend the scales of activity in order to reduce the number of victims at strong earthquakes, the number and intensity of which will be steadily increasing on exponential law during the nearest five years. There are distributed the corresponding appeals to UNO, structures of European Union and to heads of states.

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