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Another Iceland Volano May Be About to Blow
Renewed rumblings due to rising lava beneath Iceland have caused geologists to become concerned that another large-scale volcanic eruption may soon occur.

Geophysics professor Pall Einarsson told Icelandic TV that the area around Bárdarbunga appears to be the focus of the volcanic swarms.

But he complained that the lack of coverage from existing sensors, and the vast glacier covering the volcanic field, make it difficult to pinpoint just where an eruption might occur.

Bárdarbunga was the site of a violent eruption in 1477, and last erupted in 1910.

It is far larger than the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, which shut down most of Europe’s airspace last year due to its massive plumes of ash.

The Icelandic Met Office warned on Sunday of an increased risk of a eruption on the northwest side of Vatnajökull glacier due to the elevated earthquake activity in the area.

Article is taken from Earthweek:

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