International Committee on issues of Global Changes of the Geological Environment, “GEOCHANGE”

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Leading Turkish Newspaper «MILLIYET» published shocking interview Professor Elchin Khalilov

January 31, 2011 a leading Turkish “Milliyet” newspaper published on its front page a shocking interview by Professor Elchin Khalilov on forecasting of strong earthquakes for Turkey and the bordering countries. The interview was later reprinted by many of the leading Turkish media.

According to the information reported by the newspaper, there is a high risk of occurrence of strong earthquakes with an intensity of over 6.5 points in Istanbul, Izmir, Izmit and some other regions of Turkey between 2011 and 2015, with the maximum risk in 2013 and 1014.

The newspaper also reports the well-known Azerbaijani scientist, Chairman of the International Committee on Global Changes of the Geological Environment GEOCHANGE and President of the Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes (GNFE) as speaking of the “Atropatena Crystal” earthquake forecast station, the instrument developed by him and used in many countries. In recent years, this device has helped produce many strong earthquake forecasts confirmed thereafter, the Pakistan magnitude 7.2 earthquake of January 18, 2011 being one of them.

According to Prof. E.Khalilov, five GNFE-connected stations must be set up in Turkey to effectively predict earthquakes within its territory.

A special address and the first report on changes occurring in the geological environment and dangerous for humankind have been sent by the International Committee GEOCHANGE to more than 80 heads of state.

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